About us


Stella was born in Cameroon and is an aspiring fashion designer. She has been loving clothes for as long as she remembers: even as a child, she would alter the clothes her mom bought. She’s passionate about bright and vibrant colors, which is why she’s drawn to African prints. According to Stella, rich and colorful prints are a “daily dose of sunlight in our lives” and can have a powerful impact. Her dream is to make unique designs that represent the times we live in, our personalities, moods and desires.




Yancey is a simple yet creative person. He is always searching for inventive ways to work and bring about change in the world. Also from Cameroon, Yancey sees fashion as a way of knowing different cultures and revisiting their landscape. But to him clothes should make you feel good about yourself as well: what we wear is a reflection of us and it’s important to feel comfortable in our own skin. His dream is to bring you a little bit of Africa by adding some of those sunny and warm colors into your life.



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